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How to earn £30,000 as a driving instructor?

Red Driving School and others claim you can earn up to £30,000 per year as a Driving Instructor. Some instructor training organisations even suggest you can earn £40k.

Here's some figures to show how you could earn around £30,000 as a driving instructor

These figures are based on an average of £24 per lesson (Red Driving school's advertised price 2011).

Assuming you work from 9.00am till 8.00pm, six days a week, taking one hour off for lunch and one hour for tea. Allow 10 minutes travelling time between lessons and assume that you have one unfilled slot per day. So that's seven lessons per day, 42 lessons per week.

Assume you have six days off sick per year (below the UK average). Have four weeks holiday + normal public holidays each year = 45 weeks.

42 x
1890 lessons x £24 per lesson = £45360


Petrol (based on £6 per gallon, 40mpg, 16 miles per lesson) = £2.20
£2.40 x 2208 = £5299

Franchise say £195 per week (Red basic price)... = £9,750pa

45360 - 5299 - 9750 = £30,311

Total - £30,311 -

NOTE: These figures are an example only. Most instructors are unable to achieve the number of lessons in the above example. Extra expenses are not included - see below


Of course we haven't included time to do your administration, book-keeping and accounts, keep the car clean, keep up to date with your training, or the incidental costs of your adi licence, subscription to driving instructors associations etc.

Another expectation is that this is a flexible job - that you can work round your other committments. You can't however earn £30k and have flexibility!

Red Driving School Instructor earnings calculator
The Red Driving school calculator works on some rough figures. According to the calculator, if you work 40 hours (that's 40 one hour lessons, not accounting for traveling time) and have 4 weeks holiday, you'll earn £30,000. However this only allows for up to £115 for fuel and other expenses.

All information in this article is believed to be correct at the time of writing (2011). Lesson prices, fuel prices and franchise prices and terms can fluctuate. You are advised to do your own thorough research.