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Driving Instructor Earnings

Most people who are interested in training to be a Driving Instructor want to know how much a driving instructor can earn! Driving instructor earnings depend on several factors, the two most important being how many hours you want to work and what price you charge. If you are considering training to become a Driving Instructor, ask your potential Instructor Training providers for realistic figures. (It's always tempting to look on the too optimistic side). If you are going to work for someone else you will pay a weekly franchise fee. See our franchise page for more info.

Here are two scenarios. The figures are approximate and don't take into account any extra benefits on the one hand or costs on the other. Many major driving schools are unwilling to publish their franchise fees - some won't even tell you over the phone but insist you go to an interview!

Driving Instructor earnings with a large national driving school (like BSM).

You will net approx £22 per lesson after petrol.
If you take 4 weeks holiday per year and one week's worth of days here and there for public holidays, that's 47 weeks... and assume you have no time off sick!
If you work 35 lessons per week (approximately 42 hours in total allowing for travelling between lessons, phone call and admin time).

Then 22x47x35 = £36,519. Sounds great?! We haven't taken off the expenses yet!

If your franchise is £380 per week for say 50 weeks, that's £19,000. Total earnings = £17,519.

Driving Instructor earnings with a smaller locally based franchise driving school

Similar weeks and hours worked.
Locally based driving schools usually have lower lesson prices and smaller franchise costs.

Say £175 per week franchise. Lessons charged at £20 (net £18 after petrol)
18x47x35 = £29,610 less franchise 175x50 = 8750

Total earned = £20,860

If you do 45 lessons a week for 49 weeks at £18 per lesson and a £175 franchise with no other expenses you can earn £40,000pa as a driving instructor!

The main alternative is to work for yourself as an independant Driving Instructor. The advantages are flexibility and the fact you don't have to give a cut to someone else. Disdavantages are that you have to bear all the costs of advertising, insurance, maintenance yourself. However, this should be the most profitable option in the long run. The DIA reckon however that to earn the national average wage you will need to charge £26 per lesson!