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Driving Instructor Training - Exams

There are three exams required to become a driving instructor.

Before you can take them you have to

Part 1.
This is a theory test exam for instructors, similar to the normal driving test theory test but with more questions and a higher pass mark. There are 100 questions and you have 90 minutes to answer them in. The pass mark is 85% and you must achieve at least 80% in each of four subject areas.

Part 2.
This is a test of your driving ability. The standard of driving required to become a driving instructor is significantly higher than the standard required for the normal driving test. The instructors driving test last one hour and no more than 5 driving faults must be recorded for a pass.

Part 3 .
This is a test of your instructional ability. The exam lasts one hour during which you will instruct an examiner who is playing the role of a pupil. The test is in two halves. For 30 minutes the examiner will be playing the role of a novice and for 30 minutes the role of a more experienced pupil. You will be allocated a lesson subject to teach.

You must succeed in all 3 parts within two years to qualify as a driving instructor. You have a maximum of three attempts at each part.


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