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Driving School Franchises -
"Driving Instructors Wanted"

The vast majority of all Driving Instructors (ADI's) are self-employed - either working on their own or work on a franchise basis. Very few are employees of the driving school they "work for". So, instructors for BSM, AA, LDC and many more are franchisees. You need to know how much you will pay for a franchise to help you work out how much you will earn.

In fact, if you want to take out a trainee licence before attempting the Part 3 exam, you will almost certainly need to take out a franchise with the instructor training organisation or one of it's associated driving schools.

What do you get for your franchise?

This will vary enormously between different organisations and some schools will offer several franchise packages.

The main elements are:

1. Office and Telephone Booking Service

2. They may or may not provide you with pupils

3. They may or may not provide you with a car.
If a car is provided, this will usually include repairs, servicing, signage and insurance but will not include petrol. The car may be changed 6 monthly or annually

4. Some of the bigger driving schools will offer extras such as sickness insurance schemes, reduced price or free breakdown membership (that's a car breakdown not an Instructor breakdown!) and ongoing training.

How much is the average driving school franchise?

Some franchises start at just £25 per week. This gives you little more than a headboard and the use of the driving school name. You provide your own car and your own pupils. A more normal instructor franchise price not including car but including office services will be £60 - £90. At the other extreme BSM is generally regarded to be one of the most expensive driving instructor franchises. The most expensive franchises are about £380 per week.

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