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> There have never been so many qualified instructors (approximately 40,000 compared to 30,000 in 1993))

> The number of 17 year olds is falling year on year

>On average people are taking more lessons to pass their test

> There are significant opportunities in the driver training industry for Fleet Training

> Driving Lesson prices have risen from around £12 per hour in 1993 to £20 - £24 per hour in 2011

> At times of economic downturn and rising unemployment, the number of trainee instructors invariably rises - at the same time as fewer pupils can afford lessons.

> The 3 biggest national driving schools are BSM, AA and Red Driving School.

> Following financial difficulties at BSM, they have been taken over by AA Driving School

Driving Instructor Training

Many large driving schools such as BSM, LDC and RED Driving School offer driving instructor training. In addition many regional and local instructor training organisations advertise on local tv and in the local presss. Claims in these advertisements of what an instructor can earn can vary from "up to £30,000" to "up to £40,000".

So what's the truth? How easy is it to become a driving Instructor? How much can I earn as a driving instructor? How much does driving instructor training cost? Our site aims to help you find some real answers.

This site is not linked to any Driving Instructor Training organisation, so hopefully you can get honest, unbiased information from people who are actually involved in the Learner Driver business but who are not trying to part you from your cash! Amongst the most well known Driving Instructor training businesses are BSM, RED Driving School and LDC.

Getting Started
Starting a training course to become a driving instructor is easy. All you need is a full UK driving licence, to be over 21 and have 3 years driving experience. But it's not so easy to qualify as an Instructor. Ask your potential trainer for an assessment.

There are three driving instructor (ADI) exams to pass, called Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Find out more. Remember no one can guarantee that you will pass all three exams.

Once you've passed Part 2 you can get a trainee (pink) licence before attempting Part 3. There are strict terms as to how you may operate under a trainee licence. Nearly all instructors are self-employed. View our franchises page to find out how much you can expect to earn with a franchise.

Driving Instructor Courses
There are many reputable companies offering driving instructor training, both small and large. Whatever size training establishment you opt for, make sure that you have spoken to several different instructor training providers. Remember that it's always best to try to speak to someone who is actually delivering the training, not just a secretary or salesperson.

One of the biggest instructor training organisations in recent years is Red Driving School. However, whilst they are still offering Red driving instructor training, they are focusing more now on the learner driver market.

When comparing organisations offering Instructor Training, bear in mind that you will need to find out about the franchise they offer, as you will need this to get a trainee licence. Some driving instructor trainers may have a lower training fee, but higher franchise for trainee instructors.

It is advisable to shop around, not so much for the best deal, but for the instructor training school that is going to provide you with the package that will suit you best. We have a directory of instructor trainers and training organisations. The fact that they are in our directory is not an endorsement. There is a voluntary regulatory scheme called ORDIT, designed to ensure that instructor training organisations meet minimum standards.

Driving Instructor training Fees
Some Training Organisations offer an all in fee, for all 3 parts, others allow you to pay for each part as you go. Some offer "unlimited" driving instructor training whenever you want it, others set a cap on how many hours your fixed fee has paid for. You can expect to pay up to £3,500 in training fees with some organisations. Don't expect to get cheap driving instructor training - to some extent you get what you pay for. Having said that, the most expensive training is not necessarily going to be the best either.


Driving Instructor Earnings
Most full time driving instructors earn around £18,000 - £23,000 per year.