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Career Development Loans

With costs of training at about £2,500 or more, many people will need to get a loan to pay for their driving instructor training. Particularly if they plan to go it alone once trained and need to finance a car.

Career development loans are available through many financial institutions. You do not have to make repayments whilst training and for one month after the training has ended. So potentially you can be earning from your new career before you have to start making payments.

Beware getting finance from your training provider. Although it may seem attractive to sign up for the course and arrange the finance in one go, it may not be the best deal. Many people seem to have found that arranging a loan through Red Driving School has been very costly. Shop around for the best value loan,

You should contact a finance provider such as Halifax, Barclays or Natwest for full details of career development loans.

Alternatively low cost loans are available from Halifax - Get a Quote