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RED Driving School

RED Driving school offer professional driving instructor training using qualified trainers. Many of their staff have been recruited from other driver training organisations. RED Driving School have emerged in recent years as one of the best known brands alongside BSM for driving instructor training

At present (2012) Red Driving School advertise two levels of franchise:

£195 per week (from) for a full Red Driving School franchise including car, servicing and pupil referrals

£90 per week (from) for a Red headboard franchise (you provide your own car)

So you can expect a full Red Driving School franchise to cost you around £9,750 per year. Like all driving school franchises there is small print to read. So you will need to expect that at £9,750 per year, you need to expect that the first 8 or 9 lessons you teach each week will go to pay your franchise. The red driving school franchise like most franchises does not include fuel costs. Make sure you take into account other costs such as your adi licence, accountancy costs etc. In the past their have been many red driving school complaints, but they have now made a determined effort to improve their quality of service.

It is important that you go in to a training agreement with any training school with your eyes wide open. No instructor training organisation can guarantee that you will pass the exams, although of course, the better the training you get, the more chance you have! Check out what the position is if you have to stop training due to ill health or other circumstances.

Remember too that a "placement" offered by many instructor training organisations, is in fact a franchise package where you are self-employed. As such there is no guarantee that you will get a certain number of pupils per week, or a guaranteed level of income, or any benefits associated with being an employee.

Visit the Red driving school website for the latest information about a red driving school franchise.

Red driving school used to have a bad image in the driver training industry for training driving instructors at a time when there was a surplus of driving instructors. Now they have attempted to turn things around by focussing more on the core business of training learner drivers. In addition they had a reputation that has been hard to shake off of selling franchises and associated training loans at exorbitant rates.