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What to Ask ...

Here's our Quick Guide as to what you should ask your potential driving instructor trainer:

1. Be very clear as to how their instructor training fees are structured. What is included and what is not included

2. Ask them to break down how they calculate "potential earnings". Make sure the lesson fee is a true one. Remember you need to add on average 10 minutes per lesson travelling time as well as book-keeping and other admin time. To enable you to have four weeks annual holiday as well as public holidays and a couple of days off sick, you need to think in terms of 46 weeks work.

3. What concrete guarantees do they offer as to how many hours worth of driving lessons they will provide you with

4. Ask to speak to one of the Instructors who completed their instructor training with them and who is now working as an Instructor (not as a trainer!)

5. Ask them what their instructor training pass rate is. Do not let them be elusive

6. Ask them how many driving instructors are still with the driving school a year after they qualified

7. Ask to speak to a trainer not just a sales person

8. Find out if you have to pay for training for all 3 parts in one go, and if so whether you can get the cost of training for Part 3 refunded if you fail parts one or two. Be realistic. Only 1 in 10 people get as far as passing Part 3, so even a training school that says it has double the average pass rate, will have many people who fail.

If they are elusive, don't let them off the hook. If they say they don't know the answer to a question, ask them to do some research and find out! Remember it's your money they want and you have a right to know before you sign up!